Gearbox Cables

Gearbox cable sends directions from the gear lever to the Gearbox and, in our case, it is called Remote Gear Shift System, where the Selector or Shifter is separated from the gearbox; The Gearbox Cable sends directions and allows connection from the Gear Lever to the Gearbox.

These cables, unlike conventional ones like clutch cables, brake, accelerator, etc. are cables with a more complete technology, called Push-Pull, which makes the cable not stretch and lose strength in the transmission.

There are single and double cables; those with two cables consist of a Select cable and a Shift cable. The Select cable is the one that activates the gearbox and the Shift is the one that inserts the gear.

Gearbox Cable usually breaks due to wear, very rough use or projection defect in the original equipment design (OE).

There are two types of Gearboxes: Mechanical and Hydraulic. The difference between them is that in the Hydraulic Transmission there are no cables and that the Mechanical one is simpler, easier to replace and is less susceptible to breakdowns. And in case of breakdown, it is cheaper to repair them.


Electric Parking Brake

An electric parking brake (EPB), also known as an electronic parking brake, is an electronically controlled parking brake, whereby the driver activates the holding mechanism with a button and the brake pads are electrically applied to the rear wheels. This is accomplished by an electronic control unit (ECU) and an actuator mechanism. EPB systems can be considered a subset of Brake-by-wire technology.

There are two mechanisms: Cable puller systems and Caliper integrated systems. This second mechanism is the most common today, and in which BCAR has developed its range.

The EPB Caliper functions as a conventional hydraulic brake for standard service brake applications, and as an electric brake for parking and emergency braking. Electric Parking Brake (EPB) is a caliper with an additional actuator (actuator on caliper) that operates the parking brake. The EPB Caliper system is electronically controlled and consists of the EPB switch, the EPB caliper and the electronic control unit (ECU).


Key Shells

AKONEN has a wide range of remote keys covering most international brands. Our catalogue includes complete keys (Key Shell, Chip and battery) and key shells with comparable quality to the original.

Before AKONEN appeared, when keys stopped working, were heavily worn or lost, drivers could only go to official dealers to replace them. AKONEN has unveiled remote keys to the aftermarket, offering, on that way, a more competitive alternative than that of official dealers.

Now, car repair shops or final users will only need to change their old used key for a new one from AKONEN.