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BCAR obtains the Premier Data Supplier certification from TecDoc

BCAR obtains the Premier Data Supplier certification from TecDoc. With this international recognition TecDoc certifies compliance with higher quality levels in BCAR’s work processes and information management.

The Premier Data Supplier TecDoc certificate has been awarded by the prestigious German company TecAlliance responsible for developing the TecDoc spare parts finder.

What are TecDoc and Premier Data Supplier?

TecDoc is a digital product search engine of the German company TecAlliance. It has become the standard digital catalog for all brands and customers in the aftermarket over the last 20 years.

BCAR has been part of this catalog for the last few years. Our company has provided all the product data for the platform catalog: applications, references and AM and OEM crosses. Also, BCAR collaborates with this online catalog offering solutions for the Aftermarket throughout Europe.

To obtain this certification, TecDoc is in charge of analyzing the product data provided by the different suppliers in the Aftermarket. The TecAlliance Certified Data Supplier quality seal certifies that suppliers have accurate information and offer a superior user experience.

How does TecDoc measure the quality of Data?

TecAlliance, the company who manages Premier Data Supplier certification, is continuously working on improving the data quality in the TecDoc Catalogue. Some of the following activities are listed below:

  • Introduction of new requirements for our data suppliers .
  • Continuously developing a learning system in order to provide a better service.
  • Check out how up to date the suppliers’ catalogs are.