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BCAR maintains its “Premier Data Supplier” certification for TecDoc data quality

Every quarter TecDoc awards a category certification to the aftermarket sector, being a model that has become the highest international recognition, and BCAR, since the introduction by TecDoc of this new qualification, has been certified as a “Premier Data Supplier”, maintaining its status within the category once again, for being a company that guarantees compliance with superior quality levels in the management of the information required by the prestigious German company TecAlliance, responsible for developing the TecDoc spare parts catalog.

What are the keys to maintaining this certification?

Premier Data Supplier

As a brand, the most important thing is to always focus on meeting all certified data provider criteria and other much stricter content requirements, such as introduction, update, and validation in the market. The KPIs also cover aspects of the content to be evaluated about the products.

TecDoc 2022 categories and criteria in figures

Premier Data Supplier

In the last assessment in June 2022, a total of 245 of the brands available in the TecDoc Catalogue reached this premium level, adding 52 more compared to the assessment in March 2022, representing only 25% of the TecDoc spare parts brands.

According to Posventa.info, a total of 538 additional brands are now eligible for certification as a “Certified Data Supplier”. Out of a total of data providers that now meet the conditions for the “Certified Data Provider” designation, only 25% of the TecDoc brands are “Premier Data Suppliers” (PDS) because they all meet at least 99% of the requirements and demands in the internationally recognized catalogue.

Therefore, we will continue to work on the measures agreed upon by TecAlliance to optimize data quality and enable users to find spare parts from the independent aftermarket reliably, correctly, and quickly. 

You can find all the information on the TecAlliance certification for data quality that meets high-quality standards and contributes to sustainable sales success and healthy competition in the independent aftermarket.