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BCAR launches its new brand: AKONEN for key shells


Since beginning 2017, AKONEN ‘s Key Shell is present in the Automotive Aftermarket. After one year working this niche segment, we have seen a large rise in volume and range.

Why Automotive Spare Part Importers choose to add AKONEN to their portfolio?

Thanks to our partners, we have experienced, over the last 12 months, a modification of the purchasing habits of the garages, end users etc.

Key shells were completely unknown in the IAM. As nobody offers this product, the customers had to change the plastic part of the key directly from other distribution channels which can be too expensive, not auto specialist, unknown suppliers…

After informing their clients that their usual Spare Parts supplier is offering an alternative to the key shells, our partners have noticed a rising demand.  Why?

First of all, AKONEN does not sell the complete key, only the extern part. When the key is damaged, there is no need to have special training or professional tools to change your key shells, buttons and much more.

Then, a very important factor, is garages, end users rely on their usual Spare Parts Supplier. They know him, and step by step, they tend to complete their current purchases with key shells

If as AKONEN and its partners, you think that KEY SHELLS is an Automotive Products and belong to Automotive Aftermarket, please do not hesitate to contact our team. We will be glad to send our PDF catalogue, with more than 230 references, and 300 applications for 32 brands.