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The ECOCHAMPS (European COmpetitiveness in Commercial Hybrid and AutoMotive PowertrainSproject)  is developing technologies for hybrid electric passenger and commercial vehicles that provide improved performance and comfort, lead to less CO2 emissions and reduce the price of hybrid vehicles.

The project consortium includes vehicle manufacturers (DAF, DAIMLER, FIAT/CRF, IVECO, MAN and RENAULT), major automotive suppliers, as well as research organisations and universities.

Standardisation of components is one way to bring vehicle cost down. However, for commercial hybrid vehicles (buses, medium duty and heavy duty trucks) no such standards yet exist. Through a broad cooperation of manufacturers of commercial vehicles, ECOCHAMPS will propose a Modular system and Standardisation Framework (MSF).

A second way to reduce cost is modularisation which enables the use of the same hybrid electric components over different vehicle types ranging from light duty (passenger cars and light commercial vehicles) to heavy duty vehicles (vans, city buses and trucks).